Storage and Shipping


Short-term – maximum 7 days

After sorting the seedlings are placed in the dispatch bag and placed in an air-conditioned warehouse in special containers. The seedlings remain in the warehouse until they are collected by the customer. The temperature in the air-conditioned storage area is around 3 ° C and ensures that the seedlings remain in a physiological state of rest and do not germinate.

Long-term – maximum 8 months

At the end of the growth season the seedlings are raised, sorted and placed in a freezer room. The below freezing temperatures ensure that mold or fungal diseases do not spread, and seedlings remain in complete dormancy. In this way we are able to store planting material for up to 8 months. The main advantage is that we can supply planting material even in mountainous regions, where, even in mid-April, a layer of snow still covers the ground.


Seedlings are either collected in person at the nursery, or are transported by trucks with insulated bodywork to the target customer.