About the Company

We provide services to both forest owners and tenants.

  • LESCUS Cetkovice, Ltd. is a privately owned company engaged in forest nursery production and providing forestry services to forest owners.
  • Our primary goal is not only to benefit your forest but also generate financial reward.
  • On a regional scale, our company provides comprehensive services in forestry, from afforestation to the extraction and sale of wood.
  • At a national level we act as a company operating in forest nursery, providing services in cultivation activities.
  • Our long-term goal is to rank in the top 10 European nurseries.
  • The foundation of our strategy is to produce high quality planting material, including planting i.e. supply of seedlings in the hole.

Establishment of the company

  • The company was founded in 1993. The original business plan was the professional management of forest estates in the surrounding communities of Cetkovice, Uhřice, Světlá. Hence the origin of the company’s name LESCUS = Lesy (forests) of Cetkovice, Uhřice and Světlá.