Mendel University in Brno

Every year we organize one-day excursions for students of 4th and 5th year Master’s degrees in forest engineering with a focus on forest nursery activity (bare and wrapped- root seedlings).

We write a series of dissertations and theses.

We currently cooperation with MENDEL on project no. CZ.1.07 / 02.02.00 / 28.0018 “InoBio” (Innovating biological and forestry disciplines for greater competitiveness). We support practical teaching and lecturing activities.

Another project on which we work together with MENDEL is project no. QI112A172 “Cultivation practices for introducing douglas firs to the vegetation mix and climate in the Czech Republic”, the result of the project will be to propose growing practices for the introduction of douglas firs in forests, respecting the requirements for the fulfillment of forest functions, including economic considerations and minimizing the potential risks of their introduction.


Forestry Secondary School in Hranice

We cooperate with this Forestry Secondary School on the basis of operational experience for students.

We also organize field trips in our nursery for students.

The Forestry Secondary School in Hranice is also among the organizers of the “Celebrating Forest Flora”event. For the second year running LESCUS Cetkovice, Ltd. has also participated in the event, where in the form of quizzes and games entertaining lessons about the forest and nature are held for children and adults.

oslavy lesa na Floře