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Our production and services


Angiosperms and seedlings

When growing planting material, we specialize mainly in "trees with bale", also called "packing seedlings". It is a cover-rooting planting material grown in non-recessed packaging with air-cushion technology. It sounds complicated, but the principle is simple.

Special growing containers (planters) of various sizes and shapes, which have laboratory accreditation for the cultivation of the given tree species, are filled with a suitable substrate into which the seed is sown or a small seedling is transplanted. These planters have an open bottom and are placed on the growing-handling frames throughout the growing season. The roots then grow out of the wrapper, where they dry naturally in the air, creating a compact bale with rich root hair without defects and deformations.

Afforestation with this planting material can be carried out from September to June (except when the soil is frozen). After planting, these sprouts have more attractiveness and grow faster, which reduces the financial costs of further cultivation care. 


Free-rooting seedlings

Although the proportion of free-root planting material in our production is gradually declining, we still grow a large number of deciduous and coniferous seedlings with this traditional technology.

These trees grow in mineral soil from which they are picked during the spring and autumn seasons and thus have bare roots - therefore they require more care both during handling and during planting.

The time suitable for planting free-root seedlings is shorter than for flowering planting material, because the plants must be in the so-called dormancy. These sprouts are planted from about mid-October until frost and then in the spring months (especially March and April). However, the seedlings must be picked up in time in the nursery and stored in optimal conditions so that they do not start to sprout. This technology requires a longer growing time in the nursery, but is not demanding for the specialized equipment of the nursery operation. Mainly because of this, these seedlings have a lower purchasing price.  

Contract cultivation

We offer "tailor-made" cultivation of planting material. We can prepare planting material for you from your seed according to pre-agreed criteria. According to the required delivery date and parameters of planting material, we will jointly select a suitable cultivation technology, choose the appropriate size of planters and plan the entire cultivation process. Through this you have secured in advance the appropriate planting material from your own genetic resources, which will return directly to your forests.


Growing activity

We offer forest owners and managers a full service in forest regeneration and afforestation, including subsequent care of planted crops. As part of our services, before planting, we perform pruning cleaning or full-area site preparation by crushing mining residues. We import planting material by our own transport and ensure its storage. We carry out the planting itself according to the conditions of the given location and the customer's wishes, but we prefer the use of manual motorized punches. It is also possible to use special planters or to plant in dug holes using ax motors.

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