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Forest Nurseries

Forest Nursery Mišinská - Cetkovice

The Forest Nursery in Cetkovice is the largest nursery center in the Czech Republic. Thanks to the most modern technologies and maximum automation, we mainly grow rooted planting material without the touch of a human hand.

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Forest Nursery Nová Role - Karlovy Vary

Rolský vrch Forest Nursery produces free-root and indoor-root planting material for the Czech and German markets. Thanks to specific conditions, we mainly grow fir and beeches here.

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Forest Nursery Žofinka - Nová Ves nad Lužnicí

Žofinka Forest Nursery has excellent soil conditions for the use of modern technologies in the cultivation of free-root planting material, but about a third of the production here will also consist of the cultivation of forest tree semi-sprouts and covered-root planting material, especially for the Austrian market.


Forest nursery Nové Zámky - Hostinné

The Nové Zámky Forest Nursery produces free-rooted and indoor-rooted planting material of forest trees.


Forest Nursery Natlacen - Austria

Our subsidiary LESCUS GmbH continues to operate four forest nurseries established by Forstbaumschulen Natlacen. They produce free-root planting material here and offer Austrian forest owners growing services.

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